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Mother and Father (8 minutes, 1F)
Blame it on Mother. And maybe Dad, too. A surprising solution to getting the parents you’ve always wanted.

I’ll Bring the Olives (4F)
Four friends in a minimalist set examine the ramifications of women’s freedom in the pot luck phenomenon. (Script)

Kong (5 minutes, 1F 1M)
A new twist to allievate the misery of mourning that could lead to satisfaction, growth and healing and even laughter.

Getting It Right (7 minutes, 1F)
Humourous look at life with an abusive partner and the ultimate and fitting outcome. Unforgettable.

The Mystery Of The Bodies (10 minutes, 1F)
A doll maker moves to a new town and becomes a murder suspect. Living as a pariah, she describes the hilarious actions of the neighbors and her own very innocent behavior. Prop: telephone

A Lovely Sunset (8 minutes, 2F)
Two sisters seated front row centre in the Afterlife react to the latest arrival’s daughter’s activities in the country dump with surprising results.

Guess What (10 minutes, 1F 2M)
The twins have finally come out on their twenty-first birthday and Mother wants to do the supportive thing which really doesn’t work quite as well as she hopes.