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Full Length Plays

Should (110 minutes, 2M 2F)
Royalty: TBD
One set: 2/3 office, I/3 park, First Nations decor.

Peace, a thirty-something first-time mother has misadventures with her husband’s snoring upon the arrival of the new baby. Dr. Bev goes out on an ethical limb to reach her and bring harmony to her hilarious and sometimes fractious family. As Dr. Bev deals with the shouldiness in his patient’s life, he is confronted by his own choices as he attempts to find his place in mainstream society. There are laughs and surprises as he navigates the mind games in his psychology practice and encounters the wisdom of traditional ways.

Adjustments (1 hour + intermission, 4F)

A trilogy on the developmental tasks of aging.
Royalty: $10 each or all three for $25

Part 1  –  Behind My Back (15- 20 minutes, 3F)
Humourous treatment of a senior who is kin napped to the Great House and how the support of her friends empowers her to achieve freedom and independence and recovery. Requires table and 2 chairs, 2 telephones (1 cellular).

Part 2  –  What Now? (20 minutes, 4F)
Two years later a dangerous outcome from prescription medications galvanizes Jane into taking control of her own health. At her daughter’s insistence, she and her daughter are reconciled at lunch in The Cream Puff.

Part 3  –  This Is It (20 minutes, 4F)
A Journey through loss and the ways of dealing with grief to bring about a positive outcome and enhanced quality of life as numerous adjustments confront Jane.